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Orca Water Softener

Designed just for you

This family of softeners has been designed by UK designers for UK homes. Performance and reliability are paramount but these days water saving and efficiency are just as important.

We haven’t forgotten the simple things such as it needs to fit into modern kitchens or there needs to be a big salt lid so putting salt in is quick and easy.



The softeners are:

  1. Designed for UK living
  2. Clean and compact
  3. Great looking
  4. No compromise on efficiency and performance

Top quality, top efficiency

  1. Made in the UK
  2. Made in accordance with British Standard 14743
  3. Uses WRAS approved parts such as the controller and mechanics
  4. High quality softening resin
  5. Ultra reliable controller
  6. Low power consumption
  7. Meets the requirement for water efficiency as defined by the Code for sustainable homes
  8. Uses 40% less water than many other softeners
  9. Carbon neutral (as defined by Energy saving trust)

Savings all round

Scale is an unwanted fact of life in hard water areas and can eventually cause obstructions in pipe work; up to 25% of household energy consumption can be for heating hot water. Just a small layer of scale can form in weeks and reduce your boiler efficiency and increase you annual fuel bill by hundreds of pounds per year. Installing a softener can save you up to 24% of the cost of running the heating system (Independent study by The Water Quality Association, 2010).

From the day you install this water softener it will reverse the scale build up from the last 20 years removing old scale build up.

Which type of salt?

Don’t worry, these units can use block salt or tablet salt. Block salt comes in handy 4 Kg blocks which are easy to carry and put in. Tablet softener salt is a cost effective salt solution.

A family of softeners

One size does not fit all. Efficiency and cost are important and as such you need to get the right size softener. Our family includes a 10 litres softener for 2 to 4 person households or a 15 litre for larger households or for very hard water areas.

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