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Kinetico - SuperSoft

This system is powered purely by water, which means it’s easy to install, and no tricky settings, adjustments or risk of malfunctions. Here’s the super part: The clever SuperSoft monitors your water use and only processes the water you need, eliminating waste and reducing energy use.
Twin-tank design
The SuperSoft is one of the most compact and efficient water softeners available; it even fits under your kitchen sink. Here’s the super part: We designed and patented the first twin cylinder non-electric tank. It guarantees maximum efficiency and provides continual soft water at full flow 24/7. Soft water rinse Every operation the SuperSoft makes is carried out in soft water, so our system works better and lasts longer, saving you money and keeping them out of landfills. Here’s the super part: SuperSoft technology has been known to last for over 30 years and comes with a 5-year guarantee.
Just add salt
All you need to maintain your SuperSoft system is salt. Simply top up with salt blocks when required and it’s ready to go.

  • Application: Ideal for vented Systems (e.g. gravity tank)  & Pressurised Systems (Combi-Boiler or Megaflo System)
  • Service flow rate: 33 litres per min
  • Peak flow rate: 48 litres per min
  • Regeneration time: 12 minutes
  • Regeneration Volume: (including backwash): 23 litres 
  • Height: 495 mm
  • Depth:  475 mm
  • Width:  215 mm
  • Min Operating Pressure:  12 psi (0.83 bar) 
  • Max Operating Pressure:  120 psi (8.3 bar) 
  • Salt Type:  Block or Tablet 
  • Connection Diameter:  3/4 inch



Kinetico Supersoft