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Kinetico MACH 2060s Commercial Softener

MACH 2060s Commercial Softener

An advanced commercial softener with flexibility in both set-up and operation.
The MACH 2060s has the ability to operate in either an Overdrive configuration, for maximum flow, or in an Alternating configuration, for maximum efficiency. After setting the flow configuration and meter volume, the unit will work automatically to provide high quality soft water in a continuous flow. This is a 30 litre duplex water softener suitable for various applications including Laundrys, Restaurants, Guest Houses, Small Hotels and large Autoclaves where softened water is required 24 hours per day.


  •  Twin softening tanks.
  •  Compact and non-electric.
  •  Large salt capacity for longer refill intervals.

Kinetico uses the kinetic energy of moving water to power its systems instead of electricity  thanks to our patented Turbine. So you never have to worry about costly repairs or higher monthly electricity bills.
Twin-Tank Design
The twin-tank design is the only system to backwash without ever going offline (i.e. cannot supply soft water) which means a continuous and un-interrupted supply of soft water.
Metered Regeneration
Meters water use to accurately determine when it’s time to regenerate with watch-like precision, resulting in less waste and greater savings. So when you go on holiday so does your water softener.
Soft Water Rinse
Uses only soft, conditioned water to clean itself, which prolongs the life of the water softener. In fact, our longest serving unit is currently 27 years old!
Countercurrent Regeneration
Sounds a mouthful, but unlike most other softeners, our systems regenerate from the bottom up for more even and efficient use of the resin bead. Resulting in less waste, less salt and a longer lasting system.
System (h x d x w):  1168mm x 432mm x 203mm
Brine Tank (h x dia):  889mm x 457mm
Service*:  44lpm @ 1Bar
Salt used/capacity:  1.2 - 2.0Kg
Time:  45 Minute Regeneration
Water used:  132 Litres
Media volume:  2 x 29.5 Litres Resin
Inlet/outlet:  11/4" Inlet/outlet
Maximum temperature:  50°C 
Inlet pressure (min/max):  2.5/8.5 Bar

Kinetico MACH 2060s Commercial Softener