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Ecowater eVolution Refiners

eVOLUTION Refiner Range

The finest, softest water with active carbon filtration.

Soft, clear, clean

Our Refiner softener's active carbon filtration removes chlorine and other elements as well as providing soft water all day, every day.


eVOLUTION water softeners run at optimal efficiency in terms of both salt and water use, making them an economic and long lasting solution to hard water problems. Up to 50% less to run per year than the equivalent basic block salt softener system!


Our unique smart technology continually adapts to your home and lifestyle based on patterns of water usage. Our Smart Water Management system available on line and through our industry leading app allows you to stay in complete control of your soft water around the clock, wherever you are.


  Refiner BoostRefiner Power
Valve 1" 1" High Flow
Salt Lid Soft Close Lid
Automatic Salt Level Detetcion Yes Yes
Tank Light Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes Yes
Chlorine Removal Yes Yes
Total Height (mm) 880 1140
Width (mm) 355 355
Depth (mm) 510 510
Salt Storage (kg) 65 90
Ecowater eVolution Refiner 300 and 400