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Omnipure K2520 In-Line Cartridge 1/4 Inch JJ Filter Cartridge

Omnipure K2520 Carbon Block 1m & Scale Inhibitor 1/4" JJ In-Line Filter Cartridge is a 2" x 10" filter that removes sediment, dirt and rust particles to a 1 Micron level and removes chlorine to improve taste and odor.The Omnipure K2520-JJ features a Quick connect 1/4" push fit.

The K2520 Is Mainly Used For Water Fountains & Water Dispensers As It Is A Carbon Block Cartridge And Is Suitable For Hard Water Areas. The Connections Are 1/4" Push Fit Connectors

0.5 gpm Flow Rate

2 Inch Diameter

1/4" inlet/outlet connections

Scale Reduction

6 Months Service Life

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Omnipure K2520 In-Line Filter Cartridge 1/4 Inch JJ