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Kinetico K5 K2 & KRO Plus filter cartridge set

Kinetico Replacement Pre and Post Water Filter Cartridges For K5, K2 And KRO+GX Reverse Osmosis
Replacement Pre & Post Filter Cartridges For The Kinetico K2, A200 AquaKinetic Reverse Osmosis

  •  1 No 9461 Carbon/Sediment Pre-Filter Cartridge (Purple Cartridge)
  • The 9461 is designed for the reduction of sediment and chlorine during the prefiteration stage. 
  • 1 No 9306 Granular Activated Carbon Taste/Odour Post-Filter Cartridge (Orange Cartridge)
  • The 9306 is designed for the post fiteration on the above Reverse Osmosis systems and has a capacity of 500 gallons/1892 litres
  • Price includes VAT and delivery to UK mainland delivery by Fedex

It is Advised That The K5 Drinking Water Station Is Sanitised Evey 12 Month. You can Purchase A Kit With Instructions To Do This In Accessories.

Quantity12 - Unlimited
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 
9461A & 9306B
Kinetico K5 K2 And KRO Plus filter cartridge set