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Kinetico Aqua-Guard and MACguard 7500 Water Filter

Kinetico Aqua-Guard Drinking Water System Supplied With Chrome 1/4 Turn Ceramic Disc Faucet Tap

  • Kinetico Aqua-Guard & MACguard 7500 removes Taste, Odour, Chlorine, Sediment, Lead & Volatile Oraganic Compounds (VOCs) 
  • Supplied with the New Chrome 1/4 Turn Ceramic Disc Faucet Tap.
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Free Delivery & Dispatched By Fedex MAC7500 removes all of the above plus heavy metals such as lead, volatile organic compounds such as pesticides and insecticides as well as cyst's like cryptosporidium. (1 Micron Filter) For a simple cost-effective solution to treat the drinking water in your home, we are delighted to present Model 7000 and 7500. Both models sit neatly under your sink and eliminate the taste, odour, chlorine and sediment from your drinking water. In addition, the Model 7500 will also remove heavy metals such as lead, organic compounds (pesticides) and cysts including cryptosporidium. They are both fitted with MACguard? (which switches off the water supply if the cartridge is exhausted) and the PureMometer? (water metering system which allows you to see how much of the cartridge has been used) so you'll always be aware of when the cartridge need changing-and confident you will always be drinking great tasting quality water?and nothing else! Each Cartridge will filter 1850L of water which could last an average family of 4 up to 12 months. Replacement cartridges can be purchased online. The system is easy to fit and comes with full instructions and everything you need to carry out the installation yourself, including the drinking water tap shown above (you will need to drill a 12mm hole in your work surface or sink to mount the tap), hose all push-fit connections and a self piercing tap (to tap into the mains water supply). Dimensions: Height: 425mm x Width 155mm x Depth 100mm

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Kinetico Aqua-Guard and MACguard 7500 water filter